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Behind The Fabrics: About Me

Hi my name is Ivan Martinez, Founder, CEO of By Mr Martinez Custom Clothing.

Since I was young I always dressed well, being a kid of Mexican immigrants, my parents made sure that we looked presentable. That stayed in my head throughout all of my life and evolved throughout the years to finding classic menswear, more specifically, suits. I loved suits, the way that they made me feel and appear.

In college I was that guy I wore suits to class, and just always dressed up. At this time Instagram had just started and I saw that others would post their #ootd pictures. I had some back and forth with myself about getting myself out there and posting my own pictures. With a push from a friend, I started. Not only did I post on Instagram but I found my voice in a blog that I started. You can see my blogs here. I started growing a following online and I even started making Youtube videos.

As the years went, I started to really get into the details of suiting, fabric, design, construction etc. In 2019 I started working at another custom clothing company and I learned the process of made to measure clothing. I loved the process and how something that was made for someone made them feel. Since covid him my gig didn’t last very long but I continued learning more about the process and more about fabrics, now in more detail than before. I did a few apprenticeships with other tailors and learned more about the craft and a few years later Mr Martinez Custom Clothing came to fruition.

This is why I created
By Mr Martinez Custom Clothing

I created this brand as a part of my passion for clothing and the power that it gives the person wearing them. I started this brand because there aren't a lot of clothiers that are like me (Latino, Veteran, Young). I am of modest height and do not fall into a specific size off the rack. That being mentioned I wanted to make sure that anyone that wanted to purchase from my brand, can have a well fitting garment.

I’ve worked with many business owners, CEO’s, politicians, and athletes, but I'm always humbled by all my clients no matter their background. I have clients in different states and even around the world. I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in Telemundo Minnesota, Men’s Journal and others.

There’s something about getting someone a custom wardrobe and helping build a wardrobe that is life changing. I have clients who come to me for a suit for an interview, a wedding tux, or simply a new suit to start looking more professional. The feeling that I get when I see the face of my client in a garment that I commissioned for them, is incredible. Ultimately, this is the most rewarding part of my brand, not the revenue, the impact I can produce on an individual's life, that is worth more than money itself.

If you are interested in improving your wardrobe with pieces that are not only stylish but functional, schedule your in person or through zoom, consultation for free.

I look forward to meeting you!

Style Up!

- Mr. M

By Mr Martinez Custom Clothing
By Mr Martinez Custom Clothing

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