Taft Clothing Boot Review (Saint & Jack Boot) | Are Taft Boots Worth The Price? Read Before You Buy!

Taft Clothing Boot Review (Saint & Jack Boot) | Are Taft Boots Worth The Price? Read Before You Buy!


If you are active on Instagram you probably have run into someone or an ad from Taft (I know they are everywhere!). This up and coming boot company has been crushing it these last few years with their bold boot and shoe styles. From wool and leather mixes or woven leather, these boots attract the eye. I was really intrigued by the brand and wanted to get myself a pair. I sent an email and was lucky enough to do a collab with Taft and received a few pairs of their boots. So in this blog we are going to dive in on the Saint Boot and the Jack Boot (Brown, Starry Knight).

Taft Background

So who is Taft? So Taft is a footwear brand that was established in 2013 by Korey and Mal Stevens. TAFT was born out of a mutual love for uniquely designed and well-made products. They mention that their boots are for the bold because of their very unique designs and looking at these boots they do exactly that. All their boots are handcrafted either in Spain or Portugal. All Taft boots also come with a blake construction.

Lets start off by reviewing the Jack Boot first.

The Jack Boot


So I got the Jack boot in starry night and also in brown. The Starry Night ones were the very first boot I got from TAFT and my first impressions were that I was impressed. The way that the presentation looked was bar none, I mean you even get a shoe horn! Along with that you get an extra pair of laces and some dust bags. What makes these boots so unique is that it has wool as a part of it. You hardly see a boot with leather and wool and the dynamic looks great. They have a bunch of different colorways and I think that that, makes them very attractive. Some of the boots do come with a full rubber sole, but some just come with rubber inserts.

Here are the details of the Jack Boot:

UPPER: Natural, raw wool

TOE CAP: Italian full-grain calf skin

COUNTER: Italian full-grain calf skin

OUTSOLE: Leather sole with rubber inserts Standard D Width Blake Construction (resoleable)

Handcrafted in Almansa, Spain

the saint boot


These are perhaps my favorite Taft boot. The saint boot features a weaved leather pattern with makes it very noticeable in public. I’ve got so many compliments on these boots. Unlike the Jack boot the Sain boot only comes in 3 colors, black, camo and espresso (what I got).

UPPER: Full-Grain Leather/Woven

COUNTER: Full-Grain Leather

OUTSOLE: Leather sole with rubber inserts

Blake Construction (resoleable)


I really like both boots and I cant complain much about the quality. Now granted I have a lot of different boots and I rotate these in about every 2 weeks, but Ive had both for more than 2 years. They have not come undone anywhere and have been sturdy till today. One thing I will say about the Jack Boot is that because it has the wool factor sometimes the boots don’t look as sleek. Hard to put in words but it makes the boot kinda flat when it comes to the vamp. Because of the wool as well, it does bear for more visibility if the boot gets dirty. All in all these are very well crafted boots and would recommend them to anyone.

Other boots that I haven’t had the chance to get that would like to get are:

The Rome Boot


I love the look of these Rome boots, they are a simple captoe boot but this oxblood color is just awesome.

The Dragon Boot


Now this Dragon boot ive been wanting for a while and its because I live in MN where the winters are just awful. I always need a boot with great traction and a plus to these is that they are waterproof! So if you like in a country where it snows alot or rains, these are perfect!

The Dustin Boot


These boots I just love because of the design they are impeccable, I love a double monk shoe, but a double monk boot? I need these.

I hope you guys found this article useful in your Taft purchase. Let me know which boot or shoe you get in the comments!

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