Express Men's Suit Review | Are They Worth The Price? | Read Before You Buy!

Express Men's Suit Review | Are They Worth The Price? | Read Before You Buy!


What’s happening gents welcome back to the blog in this blog we will be reviewing suits from Express. Now I just want to clarify that this is not sponsored by express what so ever. Now Express has been around for quite some time and it has a wide variety of suits in different colors and fits.

So in this blog we will be discussing, the quality of the suits, the fit, and are they worth the price?

The Quality/Characteristics


So most if not all of Express performance suits are wool or cotton mixed with some kind of poly blend, rayon, spandex etc. But I also have seen that some suits are straight up polyester or rayon.

Now they do not say what kind of canvasing is in the jacket but more than likely based on pricing, they are glued or fused.


These Express suits usually do not come with any functional buttonholes and for the most part only have a center back vent. Also, most suits are going to have a slim notch lapel but I have seen a few that do have a slim peak lapel.


You can also watch a video on this right here:

The Fit

Express has 3 different fits, extra slim, slim and Classic


I have tried out both their slim and extra slim and there is quite a bit of a difference with both fits, especially with the jackets. Just to give a rough guideline for guys with broad shoulders go with a slim and for guys with narrow go with the extra slim because the shoulder fit is the critical fit point. To give you guys reference I am a 38s in jacket and 32x30 (should be 28 but they don’t have that) in pants. Now I will say that I have had to size up and switch fits in both jackets and pants, they aren’t always cut the same and this just frustrates me so much.


I will also say that these suits aren’t for shorter gentleman the jacket sleeves and pant lengths are things that I usually have to take into the tailors. I think that for anyone about 5 11 or over and are relatively slim I don’t think you would have an issue with the fit and it might just fit off the rack.

Are They Worth The Price?

The average price for an express suit is about $326.00, and ill say that for that price these suits aren’t worth it. The quality of the materials isn’t really good and the fact that you still may have to go to the tailor and get some adjustments, only up the total cost. For just a few more dollars you can get one of our essential suits for $799.00 and get a suit that is 100% wool and you can customize your suit the way that you want and will fit exactly to you. You can get a charcoal or navy suit that will last you 10x's longer. This gives you the ability to pick out buttons, lapel widths, shoulder styles etc. Not to mention the fact that you get a half canvassed real horse hair jacket.

I will say that I have got some express suits from their outlet for about $150 and for that price point I would go for it and recommend it for anyone on a budget or someone that is looking to ramp up their suit game.

Alright gents so their you had it, those were my thoughts on suits from express, let me know below in the comments if you’ve owned an express suit, did you like it, what didn’t you like?

Thank you for your time and as always style up!

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