The Break In Your Pants | Manual For Length Of Mens Suit Pants


It is always essential to know how your clothes makes you look, in terms of proportion. I will admit I'm a small guy I’m only 5 ft 5 in. In my experience I have to have pants that don’t have a break in order to look a bit taller than what I am. Clothing is a good method to always play off of in order for others to view you in another way. If you are like me, you should always have your pants touch the top of your shoes, if your are taller than you can get a break in your pants (this will be illustrated too). If you are wearing baggy pants and your short, sir your going to look even shorter, or even look as if your drowning in them. I am a huge fan of showing off my ankles so I get my pants a bit shorter than the rest but I do have suit pants which I use for interviews and those don't show my ankles but don't have a break either. 


-As you can see the break is slightly touching the top of the shoe. Again, good technique for those that are a bit on the shorter side. 

I’m incorporating this chart here so you can see all the different types of breaks:


There are so many options out there for pant breaks but you must be able to decide what works for you. Our general rule is if you are from 5 ft to 6 ft, you should go for the no break or quarter break. If you are taller than 6 ft you will be able to go with more of the half or full break. Again this can go vice versa but you may not look proportionate, so we suggest you don't do so.

There are so many different pant breaks but you need to experiment and find what best suits you and what you feel confident in.

-Style Up!

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