Filippo Loreti Okeanos Watch Review| Is Filippo Loreti A Good Watch Brand?

Filippo Loreti Okeanos Watch Review| Is Filippo Loreti A Good Watch Brand?


What's happening familia welcome back to the blog, and in this one we are going to do a review of Filippo Loreti watches.

So filippo loreti was kind enough to send me over one of there watches from their okeanos series and I thought why not do a review. Filippo Loreti is a fairly new company  Every piece in the Filippo Loreti collection draws inspiration from many icons of Roman Empire and pays homage to the art, history and culture of Italy.  Every watch is crafted by hand and is strictly limited edition - you will be sure to own a watch that is rare and unique, something you can truly own with pride. Now filippo loreti does pride itself on giving a luxury timepiece at an affordable price, (we’ll see about that) but we will see what that all constitutes and if it draws back on quality.  Inspired by three iconic Italian cities — Venice, Rome, and Milan — Filippo Loreti's watches include premium craftsmanship in an array of elegant designs to appeal to all kinds of watch lovers. The prices range from $219 for a minimalistic watch to $459 for an automatic watch Filippo Loreti, a 2015 Kickstarter, set out to bring guys high-quality, luxury timepieces at affordable prices by eliminating middlemen and retailers that mark up prices exponentially.

Now most of their watches are originally $269 dollars but they almost always have a sale running so its $139 and, and if you use my code IVAN15 you get an extra 15% off! 


So in this blog we are going to check this okeanos black steel watch  out together, we will go over characteristics and features and overall if this watch brand is worth your money.

Features & Functions

So lets open this guy up, so one thing that I really liked about this right off the bat was the box very well done. You will get extra links as well as a little thank you card. This watch features:

Case Material Stainless Steel

Strap Material Stainless Steel Link

Movement Miyota 2025 (quartz)

Water Resistance 100M (10ATM)

Case Diameter 42mm

I will say that this watch is a bit big, especially for a wrist of my size (6.75 in) I really wish they had different sizes for each watch, the smallest that I saw they had was about 40 mm. 


Case Thickness 12mm

Glass: Sapphire Coated Mineral


Now the engravings are something that i also loved about Filippo Loreti. This engraving is just awesome to have on a watch, it has it on the back of the watch and on the dial you can see that it has the trident. These are great features that you don’t find on many other watches at this price point. Another feature is the moving bezel, and I thought this was great because Ive had other watches that were more expensive than this and the bezel and it didn’t move, fossil cough. the face of the watch doesn't really have a lot, very simplistic and there are only two hands. One thing that I really liked that I hadn’t had in a watch was a dual quick release band makes swapping out straps quick and easy.


Overall this is a great looking watch, but I will say that because of the price they compromise on a bunch of other features like a mechanical or automatic movement instead of a quartz movement. But for the price its a nice timepiece for anyone's collection, its perfect to wear in all formalities too. I think that this is a great watch for guys are on a budget and want a watch that looks the part. Yes, I know that this isn’t an OMEGA or a SEIKO


Filippo loreti what did you guys think? Let me know in the comments, do you own any or plan on it? If you . Alright so if you liked this video make sure you give it one of these down below, also make sure to hit that sub button and hit that bell notification. I appreciate your time and as always style up!

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