3 Ways To Rock A Crew Neck Sweater | How To Style A Crew Neck Sweater

3 Ways To Rock A Crew Neck Sweater | How To Style A Crew Neck Sweater

As we all know sweaters are some versatile pieces and serve such a huge purpose during the fall/winter/spring weather. A sweater style that I’ve been loving so much these last months has actually been a classic crew-neck sweater. Now I know this is isn’t the newest or most fashionable thing out there. However, in a gentleman’s wardrobe this is a handy sweater to have. Let me tell you why. The crew-neck sweater is just as your white crew neck t-shirt, it goes with everything, literally anything. You can dress it up or dress it down its so versatile. I have teamed up with my good friends over at Mio Marino to demonstrate 3 looks you can pull off with this style of sweater.

Before jumping in, let me explain a bit of who Mio Marino is. Mio Marino is an amazing company that is based on adventure and travel. All of their items, belts, shirts, shoes, and other items (both men and women), are all inspired by travel and innovation. If you want to see all of their options go ahead and check out their website here. They were kind enough to send me one of their Everyday Cotton Crewneck Sweaters in Burgundy. This crewneck sweater is made of Egyptian cotton fibers, it is super soft, breathable and has a great soft feel to it.

Now lets dive into these looks:

1. All Business

This is perhaps one of my favorite outfits to pull off, I threw on a charcoal suit and under that I have a white long sleeve shirt and a tie. This is a classic look for the office and I recommend it for all of you gents that need to either wear a suit to work everyday or just want to layer up a suit. One of the best parts of this is that you can simply take off the jacket and you still look well put, this is exactly why a versatile wardrobe makes sense. (Something to point out is the fact that these looks work around the color burgundy, don’t try to add on another color guys, burgundy is bold enough.)



2. Business Casual

This look is for those gents who don’t need wear suits that often but also don’t want to go with jeans. Here I have paired up the crew neck with some chinos, a light blue cotton oxford on the bottom but I’ve tucked out the shirt and have also lost the tie. What I did with this look is switch out the dress pants for normal chinos. This sweater is red so I went with navy pants, one of the things that I see people doing is wearing khaki colored pants and a red shirt or sweater, this look makes sense but it makes you look like a Target employee, so I steer away from that look. I threw on some nice dress shoes with this look too because the shoes and the color of the sweater will be what people see first on this outfit.



3. Keepin’ it Casual

For this last look I just threw on a nice pair of denim and the sweater with a white tee shirt under it. It is a great look very casual and very chill. You can throw on some Chelsea boots or even some sneakers and this look will take you everywhere. This is also a great layering base you can throw on a great denim jacket or even a leather jacket that will give a bit more umph to the look!

I hope all of you enjoyed these looks, please check out Mio Marino they have a wide selection of items for men and women. See you on the next one,

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