5 Style Mistakes All Men Make

5 Style Mistakes All Men Make

1. The fit

Fit is perhaps the most important aspect of being stylish, I can't stress this enough. FIt is so important that that if you were to wear a something that is kind of "out there" you can still get away with it. Remember gentlemen, that regardless of what style your into, dapper, street, hipster, etc. As long as your clothing fits your going to look good. Also, it is important to know a good tailor and build a rapport with them so that your clothing looks great every time you stop in.

2. Not Shopping Right

What most men do when they want to start dressing better, is that they go out to expensive stores such as Burberry, Gucci, Hugo Boss, etc. and purchase clothes, thinking that because it is expensive its style. But friends let me tell you that this is not true. Not to say that these places are not style temples, they are, but your going to go broke if your just buying clothing from these places (not unless you got it like that, if so, by all means, ball out!). It is important to know that you have to start with your basic wardrobe, (shirts, pants, a suit, jeans), and then add. The best option that I do all the time for essentials is go to outlets or hit up the sale section of any store, keep in mind that all stores have a sale section. 

3. Bling Bling

More and more am I seeing gentlemen on social media post pictures of them wearing a lot of accessories on their person. LESS IS MORE. My rule of thumb is always the rule of 3, so if your going to wear a watch (1) throw on a nice bracelet on the same wrist (2) and on the other wrist you can throw another one (3). Anymore than 3 I believe just looks a bit too tacky and it looks like you're trying too hard. This is the same for chains. For chains, if possible, just keep it to 1 (no two chains here yo). 

4. Confidence

Above ALL else, remember that confidence is key. Be confident in whatever you are wearing. If a suit and tie is not your thing, don't do it, find your style and find what works for you. Wear what makes you feel good. If you feel uncomfortable in something, believe me everyone else will also know that you are uncomfortable (its obvious).

5. Following Fashion Trends

I see this so much and its not that its a terrible thing. However, what we tend to forget is that right now yes, extremely skinny jeans and long tees are in, but in a few months or even years that's going to go away and something new will come. Just look into your clothes from 4 to 5 years ago, all that stuff probably can't be worn now, some because of fit or some because its out dated. Remember to be stylish and classic, pieces such as nice tailored jeans, a navy suit, or even a nice white button up will be "in" years from now.

We all have done these at least once, I myself have done them. Just like anything else a wardrobe will change throughout time, but remember to have key basic pieces that will last.

Have an awesome week everyone!

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