3 leather jacket styles you must have in your wardrobe | Any guy can pull these off!

3 leather jacket styles you must have in your wardrobe | Any guy can pull these off!

Alright so lets get to what you actually clicked on this video for, leather jacket styles. Now there are a lot of leather jacket styles out there but I think that there are 3 that you see out and about all the time. So in this blog im going to cover the 3 leather jacket styles that I believe any guy can pull off and how to style each one, lets dive in:

1.The Motojacket

The motojacket is perhaps the most classic of all these and you see them everywhere. This style just have something about it that makes it look awesome. From lapels to the buttons the jacket has a lot to show off. Now there are a lot of colors and leather types but I would recommend getting a nice black or brown to start off then moving into getting other leather types and colors. For this jacket I d o a lot of different styles but one that I always find myself in is a white tshirt, some denim and a pair of white sneakers, super simple, keeping that greaser look alive.

2. Racer Jacket


The racer jacket is also a classic jacket style and one that looks great on anyone. I really like this jacket because its very clean, doesn’t have a lot going on and makes it more seamless than the motojacket. Because of its minimalistic aesthetic you can wear this with more formal looks, which is exactly what im doing with this look. Im wearing a nice oxford and a pair of slacks from my brand by mr Martinez and some loafers from beckett simonon.

3. Flight Jacket

The aviator jacket is a classic jacket and I really like it because it has a great military background. One big characteristic that you will see is the banded wrist and waist and the patch pockets. Now sometimes you will find that the collar has fur and this jacket has the option to take it off depending on the weather and also the two big patched pockets on both sides. With this jacket im going monochromatic (fill in tomorrow) and a pair of Caballero Wear humo boots.

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