Summer To Fall Transition Clothes All Men Need In Their Wardrobe

Summer To Fall Transition Clothes All Men Need In Their Wardrobe


Yes, my favorite time of year is approaching, fall! Is there nothing better than a nice PSL on an early Friday morning before work? (JK I don’t drink those, or do I?). Or how about bonfires in the back of friends house, or even just the fact that you can now layer? I love it all. The transition phase between summer and fall can get a bit tricky.

Summer to fall clothes are like the “are we dating phase”, confusing. Nevertheless there are some simple wardrobe pieces that I will mention in this article that will help you start putting away some of the summer clothes and start slowly busting out the fall clothing.

NOTE: These are transition pieces only, I will be creating a fall wardrobe article when fall is here.


Jackets are probably my favorite piece in this summer to fall clothing transition. Not only will they keep you warm but they also give you the opportunity to spice up a really simple outfit. Here are a few that I love for this transition phase:

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a classic and it can definitely be dressed up or down. Make sure when wearing this, that your jacket is not the same tone as your jeans (if you are wearing jeans).


Blazer/Suit Jacket

Don’t put away all of your suit jackets, some can still work for you. You don’t have to put away that cotton suit jacket just yet.


Field Jacket

A field jacket is amazing for this transition, it is very light and usually doesn’t have any lining, which is exactly what you want. Remember that some days will be cold in the morning but not in the afternoon so please don’t bust out the peacoat.


Sweaters/ Sweatshirts

Light Cardigans

I am madly in love with cardigans this year. I believe that they add such a high level of class to any outfit.



Hoodies are helpful when you don’t feel like throwing on too much and really want to keep it simple. Keep the material very light nothing too heavy (cotton) keep the heavy materias for November or winter.


Light Pull Overs

Pull overs, like the hoodies are basic essentials and can be a top layer to an outfit. If you like to keep your outfits simple and clean get yourself one of these for the transition.


The transition between summer and fall clothes can be a bit complex, however with these wardrobe pieces the change won’t be difficult, and will go by just like summer, a breeze!

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