Suspenders 101 For Men | How-To & Rules All Men Need To Know About Suspenders

Suspenders 101 For Men | How-To & Rules All Men Need To Know About Suspenders


Suspenders aren’t being showcased as they used to, it seems to be a lost art. Every once in a blue moon ill see some IG guys throw them on, but its rare. That being mentioned, in this article ill be covering some how to, rules , as well as pros and cons to suspenders.

I want to thanks my guys over at Mio Marino for providing me with these awesome suspenders. If you like these pick them up here. These suspenders are amazing, the straps are of durable elastic and the leather loops are of genuine leather. These have definitely gotten me a few compliments. This is a set as well so it does come with a bow tie that matches the braces.


Suspenders, also known as braces were introduced to the world in 1820 by a company called Thurston’s in Great Britain. They were made in part because men used to wear very high waisted pants, so much so that belts could not be worn and men had to use suspenders to hold the pants up. Clip on suspenders did not come to light until 1894 due to the fact that in order to wear suspenders you had to have buttons on the inside waistband of your pants. Now in day they are pretty non existent but dapper men still like to wear them (like me and you).



The how to, to suspenders is pretty easy. It all comes down to what kind of suspenders you get, looped or clipped. So lets look at both separately:



In my opinion these are probably the best one of the two, clipped looks a bit childish (in my opinion). Remember gents that with looped suspenders, you must have buttons on the inside of your pants. This looks so much more dapper and clean. If you are like me at modest size (under 5 ft. 10 in) suspenders don’t cut you in half like belts do, so proportionally you’ll look better.

Clip Ons

You can purchase clipped suspenders and they do look great, they are also easy to put on and take off. However its just something about clipped suspenders that looks off, maybe the metal clips? Clip ons are cool for men that dont want to bother putting buttons on their pants and just need them for a one night thing.


1. You’ll Look Different

Suspenders give you a different look, style, sophistication. It’s something that people don’t see everyday so it helps you stick out from the rest, without having to say anything.


2. No More Belts!

Belts are overrated (sorry), throughout my style journey I have used my belts less and less, all of my pants fit me and are not ill fitting so the less I have to worry about belts matching my shoes the better!


1. Buttons On Your Pants

For gents that do use belts it is a pain to want to make a transition because you do have to put buttons on the pants in order to put suspenders on. However, this isn’t a tough process, I would recommend getting a one or two pants that you want to use suspenders with, take them to your tailor, take the belt loops off and add the buttons. This should not cost you more than $20.


2. Bullying

Because a lot of people don’t see suspenders that much anymore they tend to make fun of guys that wear them. All I can say about this gents is f*&^ own it, if you like the style wear it who cares what others think or say.


The only and number one rule to suspenders is: don’t wear them with belts. Please gents do not torture me and just wear one or the other. You do not need two things that have the same function on.


There you have it gents the some suspender 101, I hope all of you go out and try them out if you haven’t owned any before. If you rock them already send me a picture of you rocking them, I’d love to see how you styled them. Please like, share and comment. Spread the word, and style up!

-Mr. Martinez

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