So I get the question of, "how do you do it to be dressed up all the time?" My answer is usually very basic, like "it's easy" or "just wake up early", but recently I have been tracking what I do in order to actually be well dressed everyday. So here are some things that I do everyday in order to always be well dressed. 

1. Check the weather

This applies anywhere, there is certain things that you can wear in certain seasons that you can't wear in others. You don't want to wear tweed in the summer, that's just not a good move, you'll bake! Or you don't want to wear shorts in the winter. Make sure that you are dressing for the weather just as much as the next tip. 

2. Dress for the occasion

Just as important as it is to dress for the weather, it is important to dress for the occasion. If your work does not require you to wear a suit, you may want to leave that nice navy suit in the closet. This is very subjective to everyone, some of us work in an office, some of us work outside, etc. But that is something I always think about, "do I have a meeting?", "Do I have to meet with someone I do not know?" etc.

3. Versatile Wardrobe

I think that above all else the reason why it's so easy for me to dress everyday, is because I have a wardrobe that gives me a variety of options without having to think that hard. Some external factors such as the ones listed above, are important in my selection. It is important to build a foundation for your wardrobe, such as essential pants, shirts, jackets etc. you'll find that you cut down on any outfit dilemmas.

4. Inspiration

Sometimes even I feel that I do not know what to wear, yes me! I sometimes need a bit of creative inspiration and that's completely normal. When I get into a bit of a slump I always check either Pintrest or Instagram. These are two of the best places to ever go if you have a bit of a style rut. Even if you do not have the same outfit you can always figure out someway to put the outfit together, plus you don't to look like a copy cat right?

5. Iron

This is perhaps one of the most important things that I do before I go to bed, and to some its probably not even fun, to me it is. Make sure that when you pick out your outfit you make sure that its its actually ironed. I personally do it the old school way with an iron, but more and more do I see people using steamers. Don't throw on a wrinkled shirt guys. 

There you have it gents, a few tips for you guys to be ready and face everyday with style! Remember to continue to share, comment and like. 

Have a great week!

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